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Kevin Cortez

so cool!!!!!

Just Me

OMG Hunny, I'm so honored that you mentioned me in your first blog entry

And it's interesting to see that we have a few things in common as well, besides the passion in life and wanting to make some serious changes in the world around us, both of us at one time where in the exotic entertainment industry.


I know just what you mean when you say, the men were plentiful, but the quality of man was not what you needed/wanted. I found that guys were either interested in having me an accessory on their arm, a financial asset, or looking to save/change me, during that time in my life. As I'm sure you saw many of those things too.

It's hard getting out of the club life, not having all that money so easily and so quickly as you used to. Never having to budget, because you'll always get more tomorrow- what a change in life style when you actually quit for good- huh?

But a good change and a needed one too.
Living that life, it forever changes your perception of the world, relationships and men...

Too many strippers fall in to 'the trap' of drugs & alcohol, loosing them selves forever in a land of faded dreams and lost memories.
I'm glad to see that hasn't happened to you! You've keep your head on board, set goals in your life and are looking towards a brighter future for you and your kids- this is in it's self is a an accomplishment.

You're obviously an amazing woman, with a lot of heart and passion- I look forward to hearing more from you and sharing in your struggles, your triumphs and your dreams, as a follower and a friend


Carmen AKA famousgirl

Hey honey were have you been (Pam)??? Missing you.

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