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Tim Ezell

I've never been to Florida, so can't help you there.


Carmen: Hi I only saw your post now. So I do answer and care.
In Boca Raton there is a wise ND and MD Willy but I have to look up his contacts as it's been a long while since I read his natural Ayurvedic newsletter. he is the greatest. Do not go chimiotherapists, they all suck and are sold to the Big Pharma.
Bear with me...if you want email me on lisbonlifestyle at gmail.
I am sorry, I didn't know you had Chrohn's, my wife has a long time friend in Scotland really like that or worse as she has not much intestines anymore. Don't let them cut it out.
All the best.

Carmen AKA famousgirl

Thank you Rui. If you have more information then feel free to post it here as someone else in my situation may need that as well. I found a clinic in Florida that is to be the best in the US but can't afford it! So that totally sucks. I am going to work to see if I can get donations to cover my stay. Or find other means. Either way I will find a way to manage without having to ignore my disease. I hate that I am an American that can't get treatment because of lack of insurance (and the Obama plan hasn't begun to help me out yet with the "health care reform". I thank you for your condolence however I am all dried up in tears when it comes to knowing that I will never live a disease free life. Thanks again. Much love to you Rui I know you care!

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